OxiClean Multi-Purpose Baby Stain Remover Spray Review

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I received OxiClean Multi-Purpose Baby Stain Remover Spray at my baby shower before my son was born. It was a gift from another mother who already had a baby and toddler of her own. I was glad for the opportunity to try products that worked for other moms but, if I'm being honest, I was more smitten with the sweet onesies, memory books, and other cute but less practical gifts I'd received.

Now that I'm almost 7 months into this mom gig, I'm so glad OxiClean Baby was gifted to me because I've used it more times than I can count. It works so well that it has quickly become part of my go-to baby shower gift for other moms-to-be. Like me, they may not realize just how valuable this $6.99 bottle of magic is until they're in the trenches of poopy diapers and spit-up but, as unglamorous as it may be, it is worth having on hand.

You see, the sweet onesies aren't so cute when they've been victim of multiple poop explosions. When you have a young baby, at least a few beloved outfits will likely end up in the trash because no amount of stain remover can rescue them from the amount of bodily fluids that babies produce. Just being real with you - it will happen! OxiClean Baby isn't a miracle-worker; in these severe instances, it's best to cut your losses. But, I've saved many, many outfits from your average diaper leak, spit up, and food stain with the product. I've even used it on my own clothes when I've spilled food or coffee in a tired mom haze. 

Recently, my love for OxiClean Baby was tested when my son started eating solids at 6 months. I constantly fight my OCD-like instinct to immediately clean up every little bit of food of that lands on the floor, my son's clothing, and his face so that he can learn to enjoy his food without me hovering. After mealtime, however, he often needs an outfit change. I'm happy to report that OxiClean Baby removes most food spills. The tougher food stains, like those from prunes or carrots, aren't always fully removed but the product still makes a huge difference. 

The Verdict: In most cases, OxiClean Baby works for us. Like most stain removers, it works best if you treat the spot as quickly as possible. I also find that spot treating and then soaking the article of clothing in cold water before washing as usual is important. All in all, it's the most effective stain remover I've tried!

What are your best tips and favourite products for removing tough baby stains? I'd love to know. 

Brittany Van Den Brink is a PhD Candidate and freelance writer living in small-town Ontario with her husband, baby son, and their Golden Retriever, Chevy. She founded Motherhood Her Way to collaborate with other moms as they go through the ups and downs of motherhood. Say hi on Instagram @brittanyvandenbrink.

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